Tuesday, 21 June 2016

To you yours-To my mine, almighty is one but manifestations are millions like its creations in the universe. We are all within the system not outside so whatever all of us are saying is true and just different ways, do not insult anyone, do not force anyone, who ever choose what, will get that? All the religions(way of lives) were for different times and places, when they travel and time passes by they corrupt. It's we humans who are collectively responsible for the corruption of religion. Don't waste your time abusing each other, pick any one way in the purest form honestly and change your life first.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

There is nothing wrong in war n death!

All holy books are from the same library, but meant for different times for different situations. 
None is superior, none is inferior, for you yours, for me mine...but the choice of the book should be ours not our inheritance/family or DNA should choose our holy book(VARNA SYSTEM)...i..e all issues with the education system of the world(does not allow to choose like the primite Gurukul)...a newborn is trapped in a certain religious upbringing through emotions..Hence, I call for change in the way we bring up our children to choose a sustainable and holy way of life. Otherwise war is inevitable, but the way and emotion should be honest in war...then there is nothing wrong in war n death, end is inevitable for a new establishment, fresh beginning of a pure education system.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Witnessing dreadful natural calamities, unpredictable climate change,unwanted corruption and civil wars knocking at our doors across the globe, My mind caught a thought flying in the air 
"Until the presence of pure blood, oxygen, right temperature, strong muscles in humane body, good health is ensured. Similarly, until the presence of pure water(blood), air(oxygen), mud-stones(Muscles and Bones) and Weather(temp) good health is ensured. Then, how do we expect the Earth to remain healthy when its body is suffering with humane pollutants?

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Please don't say OH GOD ITS SO HOT OUTSIDE simply because this heat wave is purely man made. We stay in a cordoned 18deg celcius and throw out another 22deg of heat, Don't you think it is adding to the heat wave, I am sure by another 5-10deg depending on the no. of AC around. 
Clearly we have succumbed to the chilling effects of AC without thinking an inch about people below poverty line who cannot even buy a cooler leave AC. Till date I have managed to stay non-AC, I don't know how long can I sustain myself in this Corporate Theatre that the World is, I am going to buy one for my office soon.